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LED Lighting Technician 3: Treatment Negotiable

1. College degree or above, mechanical and electronic related majors have more than one year working experience in LED lighting products (excellent fresh graduates are also available)

2, have strong communication skills and language skills, determined to develop in the LED lighting industry for a long time, good at learning, serious work, rigorous attitude, hard work, positive work.

3, can master CAD, Photoshop and office software, mechanical familiar with one of solidworks, UG, PROE, electronic class familiar with PCB drawing software such as PORTEL or PADS;

4, Familiar with LED characteristics, deep understanding and understanding of LED lighting, LED lighting; familiar with electronic circuits, basic knowledge of mechanical technology

5, have a certain understanding of LED, with more than one year of LED lighting products work experience is preferred.

6. Interview Notes: Bring relevant valid documents to the company for interview.