Solar Cable

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Solar Cable

Products Range

2.5mm2Black; 2.5mm2Red

4mm2Black; 4mm2Red

6mm2Black; 6mm2Red

1: cable jacket
2: insulation
3: Wire

High precision oxygen-free copper
High Purity
Anti Aging
High Conductivity
Low current loss

Inner insulation + outer Insulation

Double protection is stable and

durable effective Anti-Ultravoilet ray prolonged service life

Stick to high quality levels not easy to

break the skin to reduce natural wear

High Quality PVC

It has the characteristics of

high strength and wear resistance

The low deviation of the wire increase

the resistance of the current breakdown

Product conductor
tinned copper multi-strand
Conductor resistance
(20 ° C) <5.09 Ω / km
Insulation material
flame retardant polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Product model
2.5/4.0, 6.0mm2
Weather resistance
Rated current
Rated voltage
AC0.6/1KV; DC1.0/1.8KV
Test voltage
When laying
Short circuit
+250 ° C
Bending radius
12mm: 3xD≥Φ>12mm: 4xD