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SunMaster solar pumping system is composed of solar array,solar pumping inverter and 3 phase AC deep well pump,can be used for agricultural irrigation,forestry irrigation,desert control,pasture animal husbandry,water supply for islands.
Solar pump system features:This system does not need storage battery and store water instead of electricity,it much lowers the construction and maintenance costs dramatically.
Adopting the dynamic VI maximum power point tracking control method,fast response and stable operation.
Intelligent power modules,automatic operation and complete protection functions,up to 8 years of data acquisition storage,up to 98% conversion efficiency
Model: SM-SWP9200 series
Submersible Pump ( 3 Phase AC)
Solar Array
Solar Inverter
Rated power (kw)
Rated voltage (V)
Life Head (m)
Daily Flow capacity (M3)
Rate Power (W)
Rate power (KW)
Submersible Pump:9.2kw
Solar Array:14800W (80pcs of 185W solar panel,16pcs inseries,5 groups in parallels)
Solar Inverter:440V AC/11kw

Based on solar radiation of 5KWh/M2/day

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