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Product Description:

Cells Mono crystal 156mmx156mm square
Number of cells 60 (6x10) series connected
Typical application 24V DC
Maximum voltage 1000V DC
Size 1640(L) x992(W) x50(H) mm
Weight 23 Kgs
Front glass 4 mm
Parameter Values Unit
Operating temperature -45 to 80
Hail diameter @ 80Km/h Up to 25 mm
Continuous wind pressure Up to 24 m/s
Connection terminals
Connector type MC4
Model SM230M
Rating power (Pm) 230W
Efficiency of cell ≥15.96%
Tolerance ±3%
Rated current (Im) 7.90A
Rated voltage (Vm) 29.1V
Short circuitCurrent (Isc) 8.03A
Open circuit Voltage (Voc) 38.3V
NOCT:45℃+2℃ Temperature coefficient Voltage: 0.16V/℃ / -(160 +10)mV/oC
Temperature coefficient of power: -(0.5+0.05)%/oC
Temperature coefficient Current: 0.06%/℃ / (0.065 +0.015)%/oC
Note: defined as standard deviation of thousands measurements.Absolute power values depend on the measuring system.They can differ by +/- 3% from one measuring system to another.
Characteristic curves  
Mechanical characteristics  
Certificate CE

A. Features
I) High cell efficiency with quality silicon material for long term output stability and reliability
II) Rigorous quality control to meet highest international standards
III) High transmittance low iron tempered glass with enhanced stiffness and impact resistance
IV) Unique frame design with high mechanical strength for easy installation
V) Advanced encapsulation material with multiplayer sheet lamination to provide efficient protection from the severest environmental conditions
VI) Outstanding electrical performance under high temperature and low irradiance conditions

B. Applications
I) Any large or small on-grid or off-grid solar power stations
II) Commercial and industrial building roof-top systems
III) Residential roof-top systems
IV) Any commercial or industrial ground mount systems
V) Other industrial or commercial applications

C. Quality and Warranty
I) Peak power of single module is guaranteed in + /- 3%
Power tolerance
II) Average power of modules in single order is guaranteed not less than the peak power
III) Rigorous quality control meets the highest international standard
IV) 5 years limited warranty on material and workmanship
V ) 10 years and 20 years limited warranty for minimum power output

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