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No Sales Tax On New Mexico Solar Systems if you do the following:

For New Mexico residents ONLY

NM no longer charges state sales tax on the design, purchase and installation of solar equipment. We will not charge tax on your order if you fill out and send to us (hand deliver, fax, snail mail) the following form:


(This is the same form you would give to a local hardware store to avoid sales tax on products you will use to build solar hot water, solar hot air, an unvented trombe wall, or to complete your solar electric (PV) system.)

Commercial customers

If you would normally give us a non-taxable transaction certificate (NTTC), or if we already have one on file, we will need a completed copy of the above form as well. NTTCs are no longer valid for solar purchases. You will not pay state sales tax, so the result is the same; we just need the extra form.

Wind equipment, water pumps and any items not related to the sale and installation of solar equipment are still subject to sales tax. For more information, contact us at 800-810-9939, or see the state site:

New Mexico Solar Tax Credit


State income tax credit worth 10% of the total installed system cost, less any applicable federal solar incentives, up to a maximum of $9,000


  • Taxpayers that purchase and install a qualifying photovoltaic or active solar thermal system after January 1, 2006, and before December 31, 2015
  • Eligible systems include:
    • Off-grid and grid tied residential and agricultural photovoltaic systems
    • Grid-tied commercial and industrial systems
    • State certified active hot water and hot air systems
  • A system must first be certified by the New Mexico Energy Department
  • Net-Metering

Most locations in the state of New Mexico allow net metering. Please check with your local utility company

PNM PV RECs Buyback Program


  • Sell REC's (Renewable Energy Credits) to PNM for $.13 for every kWh of solar generated power (In addition to net metering)


  • Be a customer of PNM (Public Service Company of New Mexico)
  • Own net-metered photovoltaic system

Federal Incentives

Federal Rebates for Renewable Energy Systems


Rebate grants up to $3,000 based on 25% of the cost of installation


Residential or small commercial installation of a renewable energy system in 2006 through 2010


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