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Brand Electronics Digital Power Meters take the guesswork out of load analysis. They measure the power and energy consumption of any AC appliance, including difficult-to-meter load such as pumps, refrigerators and freezers. The results are displayed on an easy to read 16-character LCD. The meter measures power in watts, energy in kilowatt-hours, and elapsed times in hours. You can also enter energy cost per kilowatt-hour, and it will calculate running cost.

The Brand Digital Power Meter has a heavy grounded cord and plug which you insert into any 115VAC outlet. Plug any load into the back of the meter and analysis begins automatically. Anyone can do this, as easily as plugging in an extension cord.

NOTE: For a 230V load like a water pump, the meter must be adapted for hard wiring by a qualified electrician. The model 4-3700 will handle a pump as large as 2 HP. A microprocessor accurately measures voltage and current four thousand times per second, to ensure that true power is accurately measured. The readings are accurate regardless of power factor, and wave form distortions (especially from small generators and non-sine-wave inverters). If the meter loses power, a non-volatile memory retains the accumulated data. This instrument is the first consumer-affordable real power & energy monitor, and is very easy to use. Brand Power Meter 4-1850 (115VAC, 1850 watts at 1 watt resolution)
Brand Power Meter 4-3700 (115/230VAC, 3700 watts at 2 watt resolution)

Prices: Around $150. Refer to our price list. Some of you have seen meters at supply stores, at a lower price. These have been found to be very inaccurate for reactive loads (most appliances, motors, fluorescent lights). They do not register small loads less than about 8 watts, such as a TV on standby or a small transformer. They do not measure the entire waveform, so readings are distorted by low-peak waveforms from small generators and from modified sine wave inverters.

The Brand Digital Power Meter is accurate under all conditions, at a very reasonable price. It belongs in every solar-electrician's toolbox and every solar dealer's merchandise shelf.

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