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Going Home for the Spring Festival

Going Home for the Spring Festival

As we all know that China is a nation that care so much about the traditional holidays, especially for the Spring Festival, which is the most important one among all the holidays.
In China, We usually say “Have done with your lunch?” as a special greeting way. But during this period, people changed their greetings to “Did you get your ticket for home?” Yes! This is the problem we have to meet every year. To get a ticket for home become the most important task for every person who work in the other cities. For some, this is the only chance could go home to see the parents and their children.

It’s same situation for most of the SunMaster staff. To solve staff’s ticket difficulty  and make the staff working happily before the holiday,SunMaster office manager Wanglei start to prepare the group ticket booking application one month ago before new year. After registration in the official website,SunMaster sucessfully get the group ticket booking enterprise certification.Now all the SunMaster staff get the ticket for home.

Happy horse hew year,everyone!

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