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Wireless is everywhere

Based on wireless network, we have developed solar street lamp system. The system has realized intelligent controlling and single lamp monitoring.


SUNMASTER wireless solar street lamp management system schematic diagram:


The constitutional units of SUNMASTER wireless solar street lamp system:

1Solar street light controller(SR-SDF series):

The main functions: street lamp switch, intensity control, current collection, voltage acquisition, power calculation and power factor, etc.


 2Centralized supervisor(ZigBee coordinator + GPRS date transmission):

The main functions: send and receive subnet’s street lamp signal, data recording and alert processing, etc.


 3System center(computer system + monitoring platform + centralized supervisor):

The system center can realize remote date accessing and controlling through system control software, including parameter configuration, control command transmission and lamp status gathering, etc.


 4Solar street lamp:

Solar street lamp system is mainly composed by solar panel, solar storage battery, LED lamp, battery box, lamp-post and other accessories.

By using SUNMASTER controller, you can know each lamp’s operation status in time and handle the emergency. At the same time, the system can realize strategy control, arbitrary composed control and odd-even control to reach energy conservation and emission reduction




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