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Small customer, Big market

Jinhua SunMaster Solar Technology Co., LTD.

Main products: solar powered street lights, LED street lamps, etc.

A talk with Mr. Zhang, the Sales Manager of the Jinhua SunMaster Solar Technology

Achieving big business with so-called Small Customers

Since the Spring of 2008, Jinhua SunMaster Solar Technology has shown a rapid growthing the transition of producing an international recognized professional line of Solar Powered products, including LED Lamps. The main goal was primarily to promote the Solar Street Lights, using the popular LED lamp. The manager of the company, Mr.Zhang, has witnessed the amazing process of the rapid growth from a small to big and very efficient working Company; he has an abundant feelings and flow of words, he expresses his deep feeling of thankfulness by reviewing the development during this short period of time. Naturally, enjoying the fruits of success during the development, Mr.Zhang today retrospectively has earned some very valuable experiences.

Mutual trust vs. the saying "businessmen are all dishonest"

The customer is the King. Our Company is using this saying in a positive way, then what would we be without our customers; a very important fact is that we show our interest in our customers, and we are listening to their sincere wishes; without that, our enterprise would not be able to expand and thrive. A customer’s view is in many cases essential for us in order to develop new quality products, using the advanced High-Tec we are in possession of. Miss Yao is convinced about the fact that customers, big or small, should be treated equally; this is a key philosophy which secures the existence and vitality of SunMaster – any discrimination based upon how big or small the order is does not exist in our company; It’s foremost a question about develop and keep long-term relations alive between SunMaster and its partners. During Mr.Zhang's llife experiences, he has shown that a sincere and honest communication between him and the valued customers stands in great contrast to the traditional way of thinking: "businessmen are all dishonest".

During the many years of foreign trade experience, Mr.Zhang has also had extraordinary and surprising experiences, especially when the question is about competition and pricing. Here is the unbelievable story about an unusual customer request, which might bring any person shaking his head: As we know, it is in everybody’s interest to keep the pricing on as low level as possible, but that somebody some time not long ago would ask Mr. Zhang to raise her prices a little … that brought the experienced Mr. Zhang to also shake his head. This active request was raised by a seemingly small customer. With a smile on his lips he recalls “he was not even familiar with our product”. As time went on, this gentleman had lots of questions about the product line, which Mr.Zhang like always warm-hearted and patient answered. It came to the point where this potential customer requested a sample. From that point on the good relationship evolved, and soon this buyer gave the first $13000 order - the co-operation was a success and showed up to be a win-win situation for both parties. Later, when the buyer gave the second order, this he even raised her estimated price by $30-$40 per piece. “Thanks to you, Mr.Zhang, having had so much patience with me and given me that kind of sincere service, I am doing very well with your product now”, he uttered. This extraordinary customer is still very active and often ask Mr.Zhang to raise his prices again. Well, this gentleman-buyer has grown as well and is now Mr.Zhang's loyal representative in his country, and even puts solar street lamps up on streets in the Soviet Union. Mr.Zhang states that no treacherous dealer will ever have success in dealing with the people at SunMaster.

Let the customer return – no to one-time-customers

After all these years of experience, Mr. Zhang had a deep understanding of and feeling with how to attract and to keep a vital customer relationship.

Primarily, the product quality is the Alpha and Omega, Mr.Zhang said, no matter what product, the key word is quality. We are on the right path with our high quality products and service. If a company’s politic is based upon dealing with one-time customers (with low prices and low quality), it will eventually result in the company’s collapse.

Secondly, after-sales service is a sensitive matter which all the time needs to be nurtured, says Mr.Zhang. This is an absolute must in order to keep the business going. As a very experienced businessman he knows about how to handle this many times hot theme. The first thing we have to recognize is to acknowledge and deal with customer feedback, especially by evolving problems – technical or in communication. “If we drag our feet, or if the client is getting negative feelings because of our lack of understanding or reaction to the problem, we are in a bad situation”, he says. The second and very important thing is not to hesitate to take responsibility; anything technically can happen, and if there really is a problem somewhere, head high, apologize and look that a solution is on it’s way as fast as possible. We need however to distinguish between reality and fictive problems, which a customer can make up of some reason. The key word for the after-sale is and will always be to communicate and be open to one another.

The environmental protection is an overwhelming force and represents half the battle toward a greener Mother Earth.

A Chinese idiom expresses: The Bachelor’s fear is to stand in the wrong line, the young man fear that a wrong choice brings him to whine. Based upon the contact to foreign trade people, Mr.Zhang is very confident about the future of the solar lighting industry. Internationally seen more and more people are looking for alternative energy sources. Environmental protection is the future trend of development in the world. A demand of a gradual replacement of incandent with energy.

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