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Factory Photo Gallery
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     Jinhua SunMaster Solar Lighting Co.,Ltd..is a Zhejiang based enterprise,specialized supplying solar street lights, solar garden lights, wind & solar hybrid lights, small & medium solar generating systems and solar pump system etc.

   SunMaster currently owns manufacturing plants with a total area of 8,000  square meters, with multiple workshops for the production of solar  panels, LED lights, controller and the relative parts. The company have an annual manufacturing capacity of 15,000-20,000 lights and solar systems. The company are ISO9001 certified .The products are CE, RoHs, SGS SonCap certified 

     SunMaster has gathered a group of excellent personnel who have been worked in the semiconductor industry or related fields for many years, including physical, thermology, photology, mechanics, electronics and other majors. We  cooperate  with Semiconductor Institute of Beijing University and LED Research Center of Zhejiang University.
    With the company spirit of “devotion, teamwork and innovation”, SunMater staff will work hard to provide optimum solar lighting solutions, best quality products and quick aftel-sale-service for our customers.

Enterprise Culture
Enterprise Vision: Creat bright future by technology
Enterpise Mission: Create Green, Requite Society
Enterprise Value: Response  Create  Share   Win
Management concept:  Efficiency Pragmatic
Service Philosophy:  Active service, sincere communication
Personnel philosophy: Equal, Respect, Training, Be thankful

Quality Control
1)Quality policy: Do not receive defective product Do not deliver defective products
2)Quality Control Process


Quality certification



Enterprise Logo Interpretation
The Sunmaster Logo mainly delivers the message of " green life, bright future". The green wave below symbolizes vigor and enthusiasm, and the newborn sun above represents that all the staff in Sunmaster are rich in energy and possess enterprising spirit which means that we take initiative to do things, make progress all the time and do the best job.  

Factory Photo Gallery 


Lead Temperature melted


LED lighting assembly plant


Integrating sphere spectrometer test system: measuring luminous flux, color mixing, spectral distribution, illumination, dominant wavelength, peak wavelength, color temperature, color coordinates, color, electrical parameters, etc.



Distributed photometer (ie with light curve test system): the two-dimensional test head, computer, control boxes, multi-function optical radiation measurement devices and stents, automatic measurement software and other components. You can measure the spatial intensity distribution of the light source, the regional flux, beam angle, drawing with light curves. Another distribution parameter measuring instrument to measure lighting current, voltage, power, power factor and light effects.


High and low temperature test


Solar street lighting systems, high temperature testing, due to the cold winter weather in northern China, our company in order to ensure the normal use of solar street lights, each batch of lights will be at the factory for testing! Experiments are under extreme environmental conditions, in the zero to minus 50 ℃ ~ 40 degrees Celsius for up to two weeks after the test, the test power supply is within the range, led light performance and parameters were normal.


Salt spray test

Solar street salt spray test, this type of test is mainly on account of coastal cities, especially the beach, the salt content of the air in these areas will be great for lighting there will be some resistance. My company in order to ensure that solar street lights work properly, salt spray test for high levels of salt in the air for the solar lights are areas, salt spray test environment is modeled at 50% salinity conditions, as long as month of testing, lighting the surface intact.


Waterproof test

Solar street lights waterproof test, solar street lamps waterproof is very important, in order to ensure the normal operation of solar lights, our factory lights should be carried out for each batch of such water testing. After heavy rain the next day waterproof test imitating case, waterproof lamps, rain in the professional test bench, gun swing lever 180 ° movement, testing, no water seepage within the luminaire, LED light source can work properly.

Dust Testing

Our Service
1.You inquiry related to our products or prices will be replied in 24hours
2.Well-trained and experienced staffs to answer all your enquires in fluent English
3.OEM & ODM, any your costomized  lightings we can help you to design and put it into product
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