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SunMaster won the big order from South America market

SunMaster ,one of the leading Chinese professional solar lighting manufacturer and exporter, won the huge solar  street light order from Central America market recently.
In 2011, SUNMASTER achieved the tremendous success in Mexico, now sold  thousands of our solar  Streetlight  in different cities, it keeps more than 200sets export to this market monthly.

Because of this tremendous success, the good reputation has been expanded to the Central America, South America market quickly,  there were more and more buyers come from North America, Central America and South America come to negotiate the   distribution in their market. At the same time, our products are also very popular and hot in Europe and Oceania market, there are more than 60 buyers come from more than 20 countries are negotiating the distributor conditions with us right now.

At the beginning of this December, 2013, SUNMASTER won this huge order from Central America market successfully, above picture you can see the products on aging test in our plant,  every piece of our LED Lighting products will be taken a minimum 72 hours aging test before delivery, this is a strict process for our company quality policy.

SUNMASTER  solar LED will be moved more and more close to you. If you are looking for these products, contact us now.

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